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Please send all sponsorship inquiries regarding all of our festivals, venues or events to our sponsorship team.

Street Team

If you have an obsession for music and want to help promote our festivals and concerts, the ACE street team is always looking for people to pound the pavement, creating a buzz through means such as social media to plastering good old fashion posters around town. To join, simply sign up here and create your own profile. Be sure to check everything that you are interested in to learn about all the promotional activities available!


AC Entertainment is interested in exploring opportunities with the most talented and driven candidates across all areas of our business. Send us your resumé and we’ll discuss what’s currently available. For an up-to-date listing of job openings, please view the AC Entertainment LinkedIn.


For current college students looking for credit in their field, we offer semester based internships in social media, sponsorship, and design at our Knoxville office. If interested, please submit your resumé and we will advise on availability and what may be the best fit for your skill set.

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